Tuba Blues

What a punter feels for winners

A bridegroom for his bride,

Politicians for their pensions

Footy players for their side.

A bikie for his new ‘wheels’

Conservationists for the trees,

Is what tuba players feel about

Their precious ‘Double B’s’.


They never play Glissandos

They seldom play a trill,

To play a little solo is an extra special thrill.

They never get a seat ‘up front’

(They’re stuck back near the drums)

But they love their dented Tubas

More than mothers love their sons !


They “Oom Pah Pah” without complaint

They sweat out in the sun,

Blowing the Brass Band version

Of a battered petrol drum.

It takes an eight hour working day

To polish all the parts,

Yet, instead of admiration

What they mostly get is laughs.


But if at some Band playout

The Tubas fail to show,

No matter how the rest may play

Farewell the status quo!

For they do support the drums,

And they do provide the weight,

So here’s to every ‘Double B’

Keep blowing, “Good On Yer Mate” !


Geoff Butler – © 2011






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