Surplus Instruments

As part of other bands using our rooms and needing storage we have done a stock take of our old instruments and found several that are surplus to requirements. These are old instruments and many have been in the band for well over 50 years and are no longer for purpose.

Mr Pablo Ruiz Henao, who is the bass trombone player in the CSO and conducts the Over Fifties Band, approached us re old and surplus instruments which he repairs and sends back to his home country of Columbia in an effort to encourage children from the country side to attend school, and join a learner band. Music making is an amazing encouragement for Colombian young people. As a result our old  and surplus instruments are on there way to Columbia. It is heartwarming that these instruments have given so much pleasure to members  of our band over the years and will continue to develop skills and give pleasure to young people in a far off land.

Three years ago we donated old and surplus instruments to ABI (commercial retailer and repair company) in Auckland who did a similar thing by sending these instruments on to bands in the Pacific Islands.

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