2021 Christmas Season

Well with the Christmas Season finished the Band is now taking a well-deserved break.
It has been a very successful season which we woulded have been able to achieve without help from our friends at Pak n Save Wainoni and New World Preston’s.
Community event and caroling were all features of the band programme. Our first function was to have been our annual Christmas Concert with the St Albans Choir but because of the current covid settings it was to be outside. Unfortunately the weather intervened and the concert was cancelled.
However the weather Gods smiled on us for the rest of the time and we completed all playouts. This included 2 church services, 3 community engagements and 9 caroling band sessions. While some engagements required a larger band, the caroling bands were much smaller and players were rostered on as required. However many players came when not rostered and either supported by playing or collecting. The days of caroling the streets are well gone and now days we play outside supermarkets and have a great interaction with shoppers, often with requests or children conducting. The Bandhas a lot of fun and there is always good repartee. Caroling is important as it not only is a great fundraiser, it also strengthen the band morale and gives us a chance to blood younger players into the band.
Several o the Band also went out to Kaiapoi to help out at a Carol Service in the local church.
So New Brighton Silver Band would like to Thank Pak n Save Wainoni and New World Preston’s for your support again this year. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to bring Christmas Joy to our wonderful community.
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