Meet the Band



Conductor – Cameron  Lee

Cornet – Andrew Boddington, Aaron Hannah, Harry Addison, Henry Beeby-Zeier, Stephen Lapsile

Cornet –  George Hayward, Michelle Kirk,  Troy Martin-Kirkpatrick, Bill Grubb, Jacob O’Callaghan

Flugel – Dale Maher

Horns – Joelle Goodall, Alan Lilley, Errol Miller

Baritone – Wendy Lilley, Grant Newby

Trombone– Jim Hill, Julie Hayward, Phil Dixon (Bass)

Euphonium – Brent Andrews, Nikora Martin-Kirkpatrick

BassNadine Williamson (Bb bass & vocalist), Craig Williamson (Bb), Paul Stamler (Eb), Peter Croft (Eb)



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